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EHL Students answer your Instagram questions

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Are you thinking about attending EHL? You probably have many questions about the experience. While you can find plenty of information on programs through the website, there is more mystery about what it’s like to be a student there.

That’s why we took top questions that were asked on Instagram about EHL campus and school life. We had real students answer these questions. Their answers will give you a better idea of what to expect about student life, from your studies to free time and friendships.

Here is a summary of answers from real EHL students to questions you may have.

Is there a sports committee we are able to participate in?

Yes. EHL has many sports committees you can join. You have endless choices, including running club, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, cheerleading, dance, rugby and golf. You can also go to the mountain for hiking, climbing and skiing. Every student can find an activity that fits their preferences.

You have the choice to be involved with the committee or to simply play just for fun. This option helps you be involved while working within your schedule. Students have time to participate in committees. It depends on your current schedule and organizing yourself well.

What do you usually do during weekends?

There are so many things to do. Weekends include both schoolwork and fun. Students participate in group work, which includes working hard but also having fun with your team. You can participate in school committees and events. Since students are taught by the best chefs in Europe, they become very good at cooking and like to practice their culinary skills. This means they cook a lot and dinner with friends becomes a fine dining experience. Also, you can leave the school to experience the Swiss lifestyle, explore Lausanne, and visit cities, go skiing and so on.

Is it easy for new students to get to know people when everything is online right now?

Yes. Actually, it is not all online at EHL. Students are still participating in person part of the time. The schedule is different from normal, but you still go and interact, at least for now. The experience is still quite social. Some students are on-campus five days a week, while some go in every-other day. Now, the interactions are stronger as you have just a few days on campus. You appreciate the time more and have quality time. You can still eat together on campus, to not just have coffee but also share a meal.

How far is the closest grocery store?

It is very near. You can take the bus to supermarkets all along the bus route and the metro line. There are ones just five minutes away or you can go to Lausanne, a big city, for a full range of shops. You also have access to a boutique at EHL where you can buy wines, snacks and other foods to get something quickly without leaving campus.

What is life on campus and in Lausanne like?

The dress code sums it up, as students are all dressed in blazers and nice outfits that fit the EHL dress code. It sets a nice standard for the professional life at EHL. It sets a good tone around the school that students are here to have fun but also here to learn a lot and grow a professional career.

If I study in EHL will I have the opportunity of interning with a top airlines company or is it just hotels?

Yes, that definitely fits with EHL. There are so many possibilities, not just in hotels or even hospitality. For example, students have gone to ski resorts, banks, finance departments, marketing for food or travel companies, Google, Microsoft and Tesla. The internship and career experience includes a little of everything, and students have many opportunities.

Favorite semester?

It’s personal to each student. One student liked the last one, the SVP semester, because companies approach EHL with real-life projects for students to work on. It involves a lot of work but is so interesting and an amazing opportunity. But students can enjoy any semester if it has subjects they enjoy at the moment. Some students think the current one is their favorite semester, then they say the same next time. Everything you learn helps you succeed even more for the next semester, so it can get better as you go. Your knowledge and experience builds.

Students agreed that the most useful was the Excel class because it was so helpful.

Is it worth it?

You gain so much experience and knowledge that by the end, you have a toolbox and you can choose what you’re most interested in for your career. With your EHL degree, you’re able to go in many directions based on your interests or your strengths.  

How many hours do you study per day? And is it difficult to stay organized and follow lessons?

This varies a lot by the different projects. It’s not the same all the time. Some weeks are full and others are not. There is a lot of group work. A typical day includes a mix of classes, group projects, meals and free time, and working on projects.

The school offers a lot of support to stay organized. If you’re not able to organize by yourself, EHL has coaches that can give techniques on how to organize, how to be more efficient with notes and similar topics. The school also offers tutoring. You need to study on your own and participate in group projects, but you have all the chances to succeed and support from everyone. Time management is one of the best skills students learn at EHL.

What is the most important thing we should know to study well at EHL?

The advice to succeed at EHL varies by the student giving advice. Nonetheless, they mostly agreed on a few tips.

  • Be very open-minded to mixed groups of people. EHL is filled with people of different ages who speak a wide range of languages. You will need to work with people who have different opinions and learn how to give your own opinion without being too harsh and also take feedback to improve.  
  • Be confident. Go for it and step out of your comfort zone to take every opportunity you can. You have many opportunities available to you.
  • Work hard and play hard. There is a balance you have to follow of classes and interacting. You need to switch on work and switch to being social at any moment. Beyond classes, take the opportunity of being involved in committees, events and other activities. They add value to your studies.
  • Communicate. Don’t be scared to ask questions. It’s a school and you’re here to learn. Don’t be shy or by yourself. There are always people there to help, and if you need help, ask for it.
  • Don’t only focus on the grades. Make friends and build networks. Attend events. The more contacts you have, the more valuable it will be for your future. You learn how to build networks at EHL and you have many opportunities to meet people who will be working in related jobs and industries to yours. One student was able to connect with a different hotel for a guest because the student had a connection there. His network helped him create a better guest experience.

When do you have exams?

You have finals and you also have mid-terms, which are just before the winter break or the Easter break. These help you know how far you are and how much you understand the subject. Exams include a mix of learning styles, such as group and written exams. Due to the pandemic online exams were also introduced, read more about online exams here.

Is the length of the semester/break the same as in normal Swiss uni?

Yes. The only difference is that others have three weeks off, while EHL has two weeks off and a revision week to ask questions to teachers and teammates. This gives an opportunity to succeed with exams.

How does the timetable for a week look like?

It changes and depends on your semester. This is an idea of what you could experience:

  • In the first semester, the schedule completely changes as you experience different aspects of hospitality. One day, you are making croissants at 5:00 a.m., and on another day, you are making cocktails at 1:00 a.m.
  • During your internship, your timetable depends on what you do.
  • During regular bachelor studies, you generally have steady classroom hours that start from about 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. and go to about 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

When the schedule feels difficult, it’s okay because everyone is going through it together or has done it before and understands. EHL has a family vibe, where everyone is helpful and there for each other.

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