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Navigating the career journey after graduation: from EHL to Chopard

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Meet Jordan Caillet, the EHL alumnus who transformed his passion for luxury craftsmanship into a career at Chopard under the watchful guidance of Caroline-Marie Scheufele. This dynamic link between EHL and Chopard exemplifies the fusion of hospitality and luxury, as Jordan's role as a Client Experience Coordinator demonstrates. Join us as we explore his journey and insights into the world of Chopard, and how EHL played a crucial role in shaping his path.

The Chopard connection: an invitation to excellence

Passionate. Motivated. Interested. That’s how Caroline-Marie Scheufele, member of the owner family describes EHL alumnus Jordan Caillet. The Swiss graduate met Caroline-Marie in November 2021 when the famous watchmaking and jewelry Maison staged a pop-up event at the Lausanne campus: One Day with Chopard.


On the back of that, Jordan became an ambassador for the brand on campus as part of EHL Alliance. "During that time, I was also chosen to participate in the Mystery Shopping Challenge for the retail department alongside five other students. While I can't disclose the specifics of this project, it's worth noting that I had to present the results to the retail team and to some members of the Family." After this presentation, Chopard offered him a position as a Client Experience Coordinator. “I feel when people are good,” says Caroline-Marie.

Since starting at the company in October 2022, Jordan has learned why the soft skills he acquired at EHL are so vital to the luxury industry, as he explains here...


What does it mean to be a Client Experience Coordinator at Chopard?

“I'm working at Chopard Headquarters within the sales and retail department, leading visits for VIP end clients and retailers across the two production sites in Meyrin (Canton of Geneva) and Fleurier (Canton of Neuchâtel)."

I'm also responsible for enhancing the customer experience during their visits to Chopard's manufactures. This entails brainstorming creative ideas to personalize the experience according to each client's unique profile, with the ultimate goal of making it as mind-blowing and immersive as possible.

What makes this role especially captivating is the recognition that hospitality has become an indispensable component altogether. To excel in providing exceptional customer experiences, understanding our clients, their cultures, and tailoring their interactions accordingly is key. I deeply value the trust that the management places in me to refine the client experience, drawing upon my background in hospitality to ensure an adapted welcome.

The essence of my role lies in delivering a wholeheartedly immersive and personalized experience to each client."

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What is it like to work for a family-owned company?

"Being part of a family-owned and run company provides a truly unique experience, one I deeply value. The Scheufele Family stands out with their exceptional open-mindedness and independent spirit; their humility and dedication to their craft serve as a continuous source of inspiration. Their approachable nature is refreshingly different. Working within such a close-knit family setting is a distinctive experience, where each project is carefully chosen and executed with shared enthusiasm. A genuine sense of unity permeates the teams, binding them together in a common purpose.

Despite having around 800 staff members at the headquarters and 2000 worldwide, there is an undeniable atmosphere of mutual support and solidarity. Our commitment extends beyond company; the genuine passion that drives us makes us more than just colleagues, we are a close-knit family. This family spirit transcends all boundaries, and we feel the creative energy flowing at all levels of our activities, inspiring innovation and collaboration."


How did EHL prepare you for your current position?

"My four years at EHL played an important role in shaping my career into the world of customer experience. During my Student Business Project (SBP), the culmination of our Bachelor's degree, I undertook consulting work for a watchmaking brand—an opportunity that resonated with my long-term career aspirations.

This hands-on experience allowed me to bridge the gap between classroom theory and real-world practice. It was a chance to apply the knowledge I had gathered at EHL and the insights I had gained during my BOSC 4 internship in the watchmaking industry. In essence, this practical application became the cornerstone of my readiness for the professional realm.

Moreover, EHL's emphasis on customer-centricity and nurturing interpersonal skills in a diverse, multicultural environment equipped me with invaluable tools. Understanding and meeting customer expectations are paramount in my role, and EHL instilled in me the ability to comprehend these needs. EHL's global community fosters the skill to collaborate effectively with people from all corners of the globe, engage in meaningful discussions, and, ultimately, exceed customer expectations through personalized experiences."


Can you give an example of personalization?

"Every detail about the client matters because it adds a personal touch to the experience. Whether it's their favorite pastime, choice of wine, the name of their furry companion, or significant milestones, each piece contributes to creating a lasting memory. Recently, we welcomed a couple at the headquarters who were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They had casually mentioned this during a conversation with the salesperson a few months prior. With this in mind, we surprised them with a heartfelt gesture—a wedding anniversary cake and a magnificent gift to mark the occasion. The astonishment and emotional response they displayed made it evident that such attention to detail lies at the core of our customer relationships. It's these small gestures that distinguish one company from another, showcasing our commitment to personalized experiences."


What’s the most interesting thing you have learned at Chopard?

"I have the chance to work in two different departments at Chopard: one focused on retail, serving individual customers (B to C), and the other on wholesale, where our clients are retailers (B to B).

Embracing the dynamics of both B2B and B2C work has revealed to me the distinct yet equally priceless aspects of delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Each client, in their own way, brings a unique perspective, and I've gained valuable insights not only into watchmaking but also into their diverse lives. This exposure is quite enlightening, stimulating my continuous quest to craft exceptional, customizable experiences that leave an indelible mark on our clients.

Engaging with the intricate world of watchmaking has not only enriched my personal knowledge but also sharpened my technical acumen. I've had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in assembling and dismantling watch movements, which has provided a deeper understanding of the intricacies of watchmaking. This newfound understanding enables me to refine my sales approach when presenting timepieces, while also honing my capacity for attentive listening and fostering deeper connections with both the craft and the clientele."


What makes an EHL student an asset to the luxury industry?


Jordan's path to Chopard: A tale of passion and opportunity

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, success stories often emerge from unexpected beginnings. This is a tale of one such journey, where passion, determination, and a touch of fate brought an EHL alumnus into the world of Chopard, the Artisan of Emotions. Jordan Caillet's transition from the halls of EHL to the corridors of Chopard stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and unwavering commitment.

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"I signed up for two projects offered by the Maison to students: The Manufacture Visit and the Mystery Shopping Challenge for the retail department. In the end, my passion for watches resulted in an invitation to visit the manufacturer in Meyrin, Geneva and ultimately got me involved in the Maison's projects: I couldn't have wished for anything better." 

“I think you learn something at EHL that makes you shine and makes you a passionate person, and you know how to show that passion and motivation. Also, the fact EHL is so multicultural, you learn a lot from that. You see how you can react with different people. At EHL they are all passionate about different things, different industries, but all united by hospitality.”