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Penis Enlargement

Up until the late 1990’s, the only methods of penis enlargement to be widely-publicized on the Net were exercise and surgery. And many men, including myself, for whom surgery wasn’t an option found that with a little bit of dedication and commitment, the use of natural enlargement exercises could lead to pretty amazing results when performed properly. But, as with everything, the search had always been on for a method of penis enlargement which was even simpler, and in attempt to provide the solution the first ‘penis enlargement pills’ hit the market just at the turn of the new Millennium.

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Although certainly met with a great deal of scepticism from many (myself included), penis enlargement pills nevertheless proved to be an instant massive seller. In the following months a band-wagon of companies started to produce their own formulas (of varying qualities) in an attempt to cash in on this new phenomenon and as a result, the internet quickly became swamped by penis pill advertisements and spam. As the dust has settled over the last few years however, only a handful of penis pill companies have survived with their integrities intact and only a few of these supplements have really proved their worth.

IH3 hasn’t been around for a long time, but has already made a huge impact.
Using the latest knowledge on how male enhancement pills can improve penis enlargement, IH3 contains over 10 of the most potent ingredients available today.
This highly effective blend will improve your erection quality and strength, whilst also supporting your efforts to get a longer & wider penis.

The natural ingredients in IH3 pills bring ancient wisdom and contemporary science together in a rare way. Using simple, but widely scattered around the globe, ingredients such as ginseng, ginkgo, saw palmetto, cayenne fruit and more IH3 has come upon a combination that has seen impressive results. The product seems to work for most men, and best in combination with exercises or use of a stretcher.

IH3 is guaranteed to work or your money back. It is also guaranteed safe and without side effects. Our tests have convinced us that this is currently the best pill on the market with an overall value that takes into account price, service, guarantees and most importantly the effectiveness of the product. The most economical way to buy IH3, and with the most bonuses is to buy a six month supply, which also all but guarantees that you’ll stick to the regime for the full six months to achieve your goals. It can also be bought in smaller quantities to test it out.