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EHL campus life: Everything you need to know

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As you take your first steps onto the new campus, where you will embark on a journey of living and studying for the next few years, a whirlwind of emotions is likely to wash over you. The excitement and anticipation of starting a new phase of life as a hospitality management student can be accompanied by a sense of apprehension, as this unfamiliar territory becomes your new home.

You'll have an adventure-filled and eye-opening campus life experience in any of the three EHL campuses; Lausanne, Passugg, and Singapore. All offer a unique experience but are united by the EHL family culture. Here is what you should expect when you start your life as a hospitality management student at the world's best hospitality management school.

EHL Campuses

The EHL culture runs through the veins of each campus, and you stand to benefit from each campus in very different ways depending on which pathway you choose. The EHL Bachelor program has so many personalized components where you can opt for exchange programs to experience life, studies, and events on other campuses.


EHL Campus Lausanne (main campus)

In Lausanne, Switzerland, the main campus offers our flagship Bachelor in International Hospitality Management program, as well as a variety of other programs and courses, including those offered by our Graduate school.

Situated in the hills above Lausanne overlooking Lake Geneva, our Lausanne campus combines the best aspects of a Swiss hospitality school with the sophistication of a modern business university. Designed "by students, for students", it offers convenient lodging and ample dining options, state-of-the art sports and leisure facilities, purpose-built functional learning spaces, and academic amenities.

Above all, EHL's facilities encourage intense academic study, a healthy lifestyle, and relationships with industry leaders and peers.


EHL Campus Passugg

The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg, Switzerland, offers a professional path to a Bachelor's degree and pre-university and professional courses. It is housed in a former Belle Epoque hotel in Switzerland's top tourism zone of Graubünden, home to the majority of its 4* and 5* hotels.

With 5 on-site dining options, the majestic Alpine setting, and the possibility for adventure in the great outdoors, this campus gives students a true Swiss experience. Its intimate setting and small classes create a welcoming learning environment. Individual coaching helps students move into the program more smoothly. 

EHL Campus Passugg

EHL Campus Singapore

The Bachelor in International Hospitality Management program is available at our Singapore campus. Students begin their studies with a preparation year in Lausanne, followed by three years of study in Singapore. A variety of exciting industry-related short courses are also available at EHL Campus Singapore.

EHL Campus Singapore

With a blend of top-tier Swiss education and vibrant Asian culture, this campus prepares graduates for the future of hospitality and customer experience. Students get exceptional Swiss hospitality education and eye-opening business programs while immersed in the big-city culture, innovative technology, and global business influences of Singapore and Asia.


Finding an apartment can be difficult, especially for international students relocating to a new country. In this regard, EHL's first-year curriculum is exceptionally beneficial if you choose to begin with the preparatory year. You will spend your first semester living in the campus residence with your classmates and learning about the ins and outs of operational responsibilities in the hotel sector.

You will certainly find a place to stay without difficulty. There is a program to assist you in finding the perfect roommate throughout the process. Once your preparatory year is completed, you will be firmly established, making the search for an apartment much easier.

Many of our students use Facebook to advertise their apartments and find them. If you ask around your network, you'll almost surely discover someone leaving for an internship or graduating and searching for someone to take over their lease.

With the University of Lausanne and the EPFL located in the same city, there are even more students who list their available rooms on websites regularly. It's also good to know that EHL personnel are always willing to assist international students in understanding the administrative requirements for living in the three locations of our campuses.


Dress code

The dress code at EHL Hospitality Business School Campuses is a part of the daily lives of our students. Whilst it still aligns with professional standards, the once very formal dress code has recently been modernized and made more flexible. In fact, it is now referred to as EHL 'Professional Appearance' and it encourages students to be the best version of themselves.

"As future managers, you are given the opportunity to experience a dress code that complies with the industry requirements, while still being able to express your personal identity".

The changes have been driven by the desire to highlight diversity and inclusion (e.g., inclusive of gender, cultural, and religious diversities), whilst adhering to EHL's main values of excellence, family, respect, learning, and innovation. Some of the recent modifications include a non-gender-specific interpretation of professional attire, and the acceptance of more colors, facial hair, jewelry and tattoos as long as discreet and groomed at all times.


The three pillars of EHL's new professional appearance are:

  1. I am aware of the impact of the first impression.
  2. I adapt my appearance, attitude, and behavior to the person(s) I am interacting with.
  3. My behavior, attitude, and appearance fit with the activity, the environment, and events.



EHL students devote themselves to producing fantastic events and conferences that never fail, from EHL's legendary Fête Universelle to the Young Hoteliers Summit. These events focus on social entertainment or hospitality innovation and trends, among other things. They indeed offer a terrific chance to network, have fun, and learn from industry professionals and guest speakers worldwide.


Foods and drinks

You will find different on-campus places to eat and drink in the course of your studies. The ones that stand out in our Lausanne campus include:

1. Le Berceau des Sens

Having a gastronomy restaurant on campus, such as the BDS is a blessing. The food is amazing, but the service depends on which APs are serving you. According to students, it's an ideal place for an impressive business lunch.

For three consecutive years, the BDS has been the recipient of the envied Michelin star award thanks to Chef Cédric Bourassin and his first-class team. You get to dine and work at one of the world's best training on-campus restaurants.

After that, there's the BDS bar. If you have ever dreamt of finishing your afternoon classes and strolling just a few steps to a glamorous cocktail bar, then your dreams have come true. After a challenging day of hard work, students love to unwind and indulge in a well-deserved drink at the BDS bar.

Le Berceau des Sens

2. Snack shops

You can get fresh bread and pastries every morning, grab sushi at the Grab and Go for lunch, enjoy amazingly tasteful Nutella crêpes and waffles from 3.15 pm at the Finger Food, or order an Oreo milkshake or a customized smoothie at Bar Passerelle. The list is never-ending!

3. Finger Food: Green detox breakfast

Students can use various methods to overcome their "Work Hard, Play Harder" mentality. Of course, a cup of coffee or mozzarella sticks are simple options, but the most common and effective response is a huge orange, carrot, and ginger drink! The Green Detox breakfast, which is only provided from opening time until 9.30 am and consists of avocado toast with a fried egg on top, is also available at the Finger Food counter.


Attractive Settings

Panoramic mountain views on the terrace

Students at campus Lausanne can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or study sessions on the panoramic terrace overlooking our lovely Swiss mountains from April to October.

"I adore the terrace because every time I sit there with friends, we meet at least three new individuals," a student says. It's even more satisfying when the entire veggie garden comes to life! Did you know it has a beehive and sells honey from it in the school store?

EHL Campus Lausanne


Alpine Bliss at Passugg

If you like mountains you'll love our Passugg campus! Likened to Hogwarts for its charming and mystic vibes, set in the heart of the alpine canton of Graubünden in the Swiss mountains. This location is heaven for those interested in snow sports, hiking, and generally enjoying the unspoiled natural landscape that is on inhabitants' doorsteps. The indulgences of city life are only 10 minutes away in Chur, the capital of the canton, where you'll find shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and much more!

Passugg St. MoritzImage Credit: Swiss Tourism


It's already remarkable that we have a professional gym on campus with high-end equipment. However, some people overlook that we have personal trainers who will build a personalized workout and diet plan for you. Every day of the week, open collective classes such as yoga, pilates, body pump, ABS, and boxing are available.

EHL gym

September vs. February intakes

As you may know, EHL has two intakes: September and February. Many applicants consider the February intake to be less attractive, but it is essential to know that there is no difference between the two intakes.

The main rationale is that you cannot join EHL until you reach 18, having two intakes in a year allows you to begin at least six months later rather than a year later. Additionally, it allows students who need to complete an internship before enrolling in the school to do so and then begin immediately without waiting any longer. Starting in February, you'll have more semesters in the spring than in the winter, which can be a bonus.



EHL's Bachelor program includes two internships: The first one during the Preparatory Year and the second one during the third year. Finding the perfect internship can be challenging for many students. However, EHL has ways to help us during our research.

The Career Fair is hosted once a semester. More than 200 companies come on campus to recruit students for a whole day. This event is the most important to attend (whether you are looking for your first internship or first job once you graduate). You will have the opportunity to reach out to some of the biggest companies and give them your business card and CV. It is also a fantastic networking opportunity.

Finally, there's the Internships Office. The latter can assist you with your research and is your point of contact for any problems you may experience throughout your internship.

Get started at EHL for an exciting journey through the school of hospitality and management while getting a unique campus life experience you will live to treasure. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience where learning excellence meets industry reality.

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