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Dorchester Collection Challenge: EHL team among the finalists!

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The Dorchester Collection Challenge is a competition open to students worldwide. This year's challenge was about "driving engagement and bringing meaning to the many roles at Dorchester Collection".

A team of BOSC6 students participated and reached the finals of the competition.

Salomé, Kajol and Beyza, all in their final semester at EHL, participated and reached the finals of the challenge organized by the Dorchester Collection. They were invited to London to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges, however, due to Covid-19, this has been postponed. 

Why did you decide to take the challenge? And what has the experience taught you?  

"With the end of our hospitality education approaching, we wanted to apply our knowledge gained from EHL and our internships in a creative way. Our previous professional experiences working in hotels meant the context of the Dorchester Collection Challenge was very dear to us, and we were already bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for the project. It was the perfect opportunity for us to create two possible paths to drive employee engagement and help employees find their purpose at Dorchester Collection Hotels. "

"We all have different backgrounds; Salomé lived in the USA, France, Japan, Switzerland; Kajol is Indian and born and raised in Japan; and Beyza lived in Finland, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. However, we share the same passion for hospitality, a thirst for a challenge, and an opportunity to use our talents to contribute to the success of the Dorchester Collection was the fuel we needed to thrive in this challenge."

"This experience has first and foremost taught us to not underestimate ourselves or question our limits. Although we had doubts about the value of our ideas in the beginning, we gained more and more trust in how our experiences have shaped our perspectives throughout this journey - special thanks to two incredible mentors: Professor Sowon Kim and Professor Sébastien Fernandez. We would definitely repeat this again as it was great working together and seeing our ideas flourish. 

This experience has brought us a little closer to our dreams of creating change in the hospitality industry." 

Discover the students profiles

Salomé Bellaiche: French and American – Lived in USA, France, Japan, Switzerland

Goal: To become the General Manager of a hotel in the luxury industry, and, in the long run, Regional Director.

I was the Head of HR of the Young Hotelier Summit 2020 (YHS), the world’s largest student-run summit. My Bosc 4 internship at the Hilton, Osaka in the Commercial Department (Reservation, Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management) was an inspiring experience that allowed me to know that I wanted to continue working in the hospitality business. I took part as a leader in the creation of a training program for problems/solutions for the Front Desk and F&B service teams. During my previous internship at the Front Office at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Florida, I became a trainer after only three months. I love helping others to feel comfortable and finding how they can become even better at what they do!


Kajol Parwani: Indian – Born and raised in Japan

Goal: My short-term goal is to work in Marketing at a luxury hotel chain, and down the line become an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry and start something of my own that brings value to people’s lives.

As an Indian born and raised in Japan, I’m essentially a concoction of two completely different cultures. One has taught me the importance of warmth, and openness and the other the importance of humbleness and efficiency. I have been passionate about the hospitality industry due to its fast-paced nature and opportunities. I recently completed a six-month internship at Europe Hotels International where I worked in Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management. I improved my communication, adaptability, and Spanish skills immensely. I previously worked in InterContinental Pattaya Resort in Thailand as a Front Office intern and The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka in Japan, both of which taught me significantly about flexibility and self-discipline. Ultimately, my dream is to create something in the hospitality industry that brings meaning to people’s lives and change the world for the better.

Beyza Tasoglu: Turkish – Lived in Finland, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates

Goal: My long-term goal is to open my own boutique hotel which captures the essence of the local culture.

I am currently a Student Ambassador at EHL, where I help connect potential students and companies with EHL. I have recently completed my six-months internship at TBWA in Singapore, working as a brand manager for Standard Chartered Bank. Working in the global team, I had the opportunity to help create advertisements for clients in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Working as an F&B intern at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, I was given the chance to rotate between six departments where I was able to further develop my communication, finance, and organization skills.

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